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Want to know some of the ways LoDel Insurance can help you to acquire Auto, Home, or Motorcycle insurance? A LoDel Insurance Agent can:

Auto: Did you know that up to 60 percent of drivers pay too much for their auto insurance? Don’t be another statistic! A LoDel Insurance agent can provide you with the best auto insurance rates for all members of your household. Including, of course, teens with a new permit and even the mature drivers of your family who are well into their senior years.  

Motor: We can provide you with uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. We also offer comprehensive collision coverage for uninsured motorists.

Power sports: Whether you have a recreational vehicle, snowmobile, boat, or watercraft, LoDel Insurance can get you the insurance you need. 

RV/Motor Home: Only at LoDel Insurance can you get the coverage options that you need for your RV/Motor Home at the prices you can afford. 

Home: Many factors can affect the rates you receive on your home insurance including the area you live in, the number of years you have lived in your home, and even how your home was built. Also, did you know that owners of home-based businesses may be eligible to have their property covered through a home-owners insurance or renter’s insurance policy? See if you qualify by contacting a LoDel Insurance Agent today. 

Earthquake: Living in California means you are always at risk of facing damages caused by earthquakes. Also, even if you think you are safe, you can still be affected. After all, earthquakes can cause wildfires, flooding, and other damages that can quickly spread to your area. So, although returning to regular life after an unexpected natural disaster can be very difficult. LoDel Insurance can help you take the proper action today so that you are always prepared for the unexpected. 

Renters: For our clients who live in an apartment or rental property, we offer very affordable renters insurance policies starting as low as $11 per month. Renters insurance covers personal belongings only (for up to $20,000 of coverage).

Umbrella: An umbrella insurance policy is just one of the ways that LoDel Insurance can provide you with extra liability coverage, especially in cases of property damage, vandalism, or theft.