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In the state of California, having the right business insurance can make or break your company. That’s why at LoDel Insurance, we provide our clients with agents who specialize in providing coverage specific to their client’s business. So, how can a LoDel Insurance agent help your business stay protected? For one, we can help you to recuperate the most amount of money so that you can keep your business in the green. Furthermore, we can make sure that you do not face penalization for not holding proper business insurance.

See below for additional business insurance coverage options we can provide:

BUSINESS OWNER’S POLICY (BOP) – A BOP can combine property and liability coverage in one package. However, for many businesses, a generic BOP is not enough. And that’s where we step in. For example, a LoDel Business Insurance Specialist can help you determine if you are at risk of paying fees for not complying with state laws governing your trade. 

Workers’ Compensation – In the state of California, workers’ compensation is required by law. Luckily for you, an agent at LoDel Insurance will do all the research and give you multiple quotes to choose from so that you can painlessly go with a workers’ comp option that best meets your needs.

COMMERCIAL UMBRELLA – Most businesses operating in California do not have the proper insurance. For example, some companies have too much coverage, while others do not have enough. Nevertheless, an agent at LoDel Insurance can help you get business insurance that’s just right.

COMMERCIAL AUTO INSURANCE – We can help you keep all your company’s vehicles protected, including vans, trucks, cabs, landscaping vehicles, and more.

GROUP HEALTH INSURANCES FOR BUSINESSES (including 1095) – Even if you are a small business owner, LoDel Insurance can work with your budget to provide your company with a comprehensive, and affordable, group health insurance policy.

PROFESSIONAL LICENSES, LIABILITY PACKAGES – If you are in the business of giving advice, you can protect your company in a claim of negligence or misrepresentation by having professional liability insurance. 

EMPLOYEE BENEFIT SOLUTIONS (GROUP LIFE, HEALTH, DENTAL AND VOLUNTARY BENEFITS) – Did you know that having the right business insurance policies will make your company attractive to top-notch employees? Best of all, it doesn’t have to come at the expense of your savings. Just give us a call to see how we can help. 

GENERAL LIABILITY – Did you know that general liability insurance can pay for third-party damages and is also a tax write off? See if your business qualifies by contacting a LoDel Agent today. 

EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES LIABILITY (EPLI) – Protect your business from claims made by your employees such as discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination. 

BONDS – Now you can easily protect your business from dishonest employees with a grade A fidelity bond secured through a LoDel Insurance agent.

COVERED CALIFORNIA S.H.O.P. (SMALL BUSINESS HEALTH OPTION) – If you’re a small business owner, LoDel Insurance can help your company receive health coverage through Covered California for Small Businesses.